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    • Trailer

      Wind back two months and the Coens are on the phone, conference calling from LA, where they have made a reluctant business trip from their base in New York. The set-up for Burn After Reading, they explain, revolves around a couple of hapless fitness-centre employees (Pitt and Frances McDormand) who find a potentially valuable computer disc, mislaid by an ex-CIA bigwig (John Malkovich). Their attempt to wring some money out of the situation, as ever, finds them way out of their depth: “A Tony Scott/Jason Bourne kind of movie, without the explosions,” as their own publicity material has it.

      Ethan: We would always say, “What would Tony Scott do?” when trying to figure out a scene.

      Joel: How much to shake the camera.

      Ethan: It’s a Tony Scott movie done by incompetents.

      Joel: It’s a bunch of idiots trying to ape his style. We don’t have any explosions or people running away from snipers. I mean, we took all the fun stuff out of it.

    • sapport for coen brothers just intensified.

      i'm not alone in thinking tony scott is a wanker. icon_lol.gif

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    • Fresh off their triumphant victories with various awards for No Country For Old Men, the Coen Brothers Joel and Ethan return to open this year's edition of the Venice Film Festival with a colourful satire in Burn After Reading. Writing this screenplay in between that of No Country's, these two movies couldn't be any more different from each other, one sombre in mood, and this one very much lighter, but no doubt having a chock full of undercurrents flowing throughout its relatively breezy pace.

      Continues at http://anutshellreview.blogspot.com/2008/10/burn-after-reading.html

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    • Watched it today...WEll well..it sux way too bad....lousy film...better not watch...its a waste of time & money... =(

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    • boring la...all bullshiit...zzz.sucky film...ending even sux..haha.thou some since funny only...PLAIN!no climate..Brad pit just died wit no reason.he came out of the wardrobe den SMILE n Die..freak...I tot Pitt was thinking that he will be shot...bt is real.. ...

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    • well, i don't quite like it. Seems like there is a storyline.. seems like. It's too mish-mashed, i feel.

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    • Originally posted by Y_Shun:

      plot don't make sense :(

      not much action


      only the dildo chair was funny

      think idiosyncratic humour? it's really a story about nothing, but stupid and ridiculous people. dumb shit done by smart people. tongue.png

    • Originally posted by technoboy:

      The whole thing was funny because there isn't any plot!! icon_lol.gif

      I am very surprised that you didn't spot the plot. icon_lol.gif

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    • Pointless show, really waste of money. Not much chemistry between characters mainly because of the plot. Even as a brainless comedy I feel it fails. There are better shows to watch out there.

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    • dark humor movie ah?


      izzit like this?
















      something like that?

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    • lame movie.

      if u have too much time, money and u are too bored, can go watch this movie.

      but be prepared that u will want to walk out the theatre 20 mins into the movie.

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    • I enjoyed this film. Many elements which I found were quite smart but it does take a bit of easing into especially if this is your first coen brothers film. :-) By the way, would anyone here like to see a play and do you know where I should post an event for a performance on this forum? Thanks. Details of the play can be found at wisdomofmonkeys.weebly.com Wisdom of Monkeys Productions presents Ex-ceptance: 5 plays in 1 Dec 6th 2008, 4pm 5 original stories about what we can accept - and the exceptions. Watch an exceptional performance that unites poetry, prose and play.

      Tickets at $15 or 13.50. Please email [email protected] for tickets. :-)

      I hope to see some of you there. Thank you so much!

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