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Star Trek 2009

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    • Coming Soon : 8 May 2009

      Trailer 2

      Cast:   Chris Pine

                 Zachary Quinto

                Eric Bana

                Simon Pegg

                karl Urban

                John Cho

      And casts of hot chicks...  this Star Trek is no longer for the nerds n geeks only..  Actions , Special effects , hot chicks , sex scenes. I am now.. a trekkie fan. LOL! BEAM ME UP SCOTTY!!

      Dunno is this for real or not.. but hell yeah if its real. lol!

      Out with the old n busted....

      In with the new hotness !

      Whose with me!!!

    • At first i thought the new star trek was gonna be gay.. something out of the dark ages.. lousy plot.. super slooooow boring ,,, back in time or to the future kinda plot. But after seeing trailer 2. I am CONVINCED ... thats its gonna be a good movie watching it smashed.



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