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Captain of a cruise ship...And it's a cat!

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    • A toast with the captain of this cruise ship might be done with a glass of milk rather than something alcoholic - because there's a cat at the helm.  

      Aboard the Nikolay Chernyshevsky tourist boat in Russia is Sailor, the exotic shorthair cat. 

      Dressed in his captain's jacket and hat, he strolls around the boat, looking the part.

      And joining him on the captain's deck is Boatswain the Scottish fold.

      The pair shot to fame after photos emerged on the internet of the pair cruising the rivers between Moscow and St Petersburg dressed in the height of maritime fashion.

      After a quick brush down on his jacket, and a tightening of the captain's hat, Sailor is ready for action.

      According to Rutly, 'he keeps watch on the captain’s bridge every night from midnight until 4am', and has unsurprisingly become popular with tourists.

      And just to ensure the feline doesn't get too lonely, Boatswain has joined him on board.

      But this younger male is very much the apprentice. As such he is dressed in a blue and white-striped sailor's jumper and white hat by one of the ship's crew.

      But this cat's work ethic might be questionable, because footage shows him asleep by the ship's dials.

      Later in the video we see Boatswain isn't such a fan of his sailor's hat, as he paws it off his head, before playing with it like a toy.

      He is later joined by Sailor, and the two head outside to the decks to check the ship is ready to cruise.

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