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Dirty unhygenic habits of Singaporeans!

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    • Often you hear lots of coments and criticisms about foreign labour that they have bad breath and that they have body odour etc. Now they are afterall foreign labour who do the menial and manual tasks , sweating it out daily. However have you noted that even our so called executive types Raffles Place local talents have very unhygenic practices?
      1) sneezing and blowing their nose without even a tissue or a handkerchief , right in the open infront of others.
      2) With the muscous flowing from their sniffling noses they simple put their hands awy in their pockets, (probably wiping their hands in thepockets)
      3) Sweating profusely on the neck and forehead and never wiping them.
      4)Coughing and sneezig whilst queueing up to buy food not bothering that they sometimes cough into someone elses food as well.
      5) Clearing their throats loudly or burping just after a meal letting out the bad breathe within smelling distanc eof their colleagues or others. For a first world country we certainly lack social graces.( Incidentally quite a few caucasian and indian expat foreigners working here also behave that way!) why no tissues or handkerchiefs?

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    • More unhygenic habits

      1) digging the nostrils in public.
      2) hardly washing hands before eating
      3)not bathing in hemorning before going to the office because scared ofcold….and claims bathe thenight before already!
      4)only washing hair once in two weeks( ladies especially)
      5)use toilet paper to wipe off shit but never wash backside properly
      6) themen never cut their nails especially toe nails – hideous dirty and ugly when you see them in their flip flops! Nails full of nail shit!

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