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    • one poem my fren cre8ted


      Roses are red.

      Violets are blue

      Sugar is sweet

      and so are you




      BUT the roses are whitering

      the violets are dead

      the sugar bowl is empty

      and so are your head





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    • Here's my share of funny sms...


      Congrats.  Your phone has been installed with a new puzzle game.

      To play,

      throw your phone against the wall, then assemble the pieces...



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    • Hey i can't hide this from you anymore,

      I don't wanna hurt you

      & i feel it's best to tell you before you hear it from someone else.

      I'm scared to tell you but anyway you are goint to know this any day or anytime.

      i've to tell you that..


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    • I recieved this SMS yesterday

      do read till the end,as there is a catch.

      this message is real!!!!

      there is an end of the world in 2012.forward this message to ppl to warn them about this.send 2 10 ppl and you will only be squashed by a meteor.send to 50 ppl and you will only become vaporised by the heat.send to 1000 ppl and you will only lose your fate.send to 1 person and you shall die !!!but if you send to 10,000,000 ppl,you can eat rojak b4 u die.

      u nvr send to anyone than better buy insurance from me and me only.

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    • Idk if your seen this before, but it's quite hilarious....


      Why Chinese shouldn't have Christian names:

      Anne Chang => Dirty (Mandarin)
      Anne Chin => Keep Quiet (Mandarin)
      Faye Chen => Dusty (Mandarin)
      Carl Cheng => Buttock (Hokkien)
      Monica Cheng => Touching your buttocks (Hokkien)
      Lucy Leow => You are dead (Hokkien)
      Jane Tan => Frying eggs (Mandarin)
      Suzie Leow => Lose till death (Hokkien)
      Henry Mah => Hate your mum (Mandarin)
      Corrine Tai => Poor fellow (Hokkien)
      Paul Chan => Bankrupt (Mandarin)
      Nelson Tan => Bird laying eggs (Mandarin)
      Leslie Tong => Rubbish Bin (Mandarin)
      Carmen Teng => Leg hair long (Hokkien)
      Connie Mah => Call your mother (Cantonese)
      Danny See => Squeeze you to death (Hokkien)
      Rosie Teng => Screws and nails (Hokkien)
      Pete Tsai => Nose droppings (Hokkien)
      Macy Koh => Never die before (Cantonese)<!-- / message --><!-- sig -->

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