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[Please read] Guidelines for homework forum

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      I) Whenever possible, please post the full questions, including the sub-questions related to the question you are currently attempting

      It is indeed tempting to post just part of a question sometimes. However, this leaves out certain critical information about the question that may help us solve it in a faster/more efficient way.

      II) Please do not paraphrase the questions

      Yes, we know you need to practice your English comprehension summary writing skills. However, paraphrasing do changes the meaning of the question sometimes, leading us to the wrong tracks. (i.e. write out your question in the exact way and manner in which it was presented to you. If possible scan the page.)

      III) Do not expect to be totally spoonfed

      We do our utmost to help answer questions. However, certain research-related questions have to be done by yourself. Do note that such questions will be likely to be out of our scope. Furthermore, self research is an important part of your learning process.

      IV) Homework Forum is not being operated round the clock

      Do allow some time before we answer your questions. We are not obliged to be watching this forum space all the time; we are doing our part to help those who have enough self-motivation to do well whenever we are free.

      V) We are not godly

      We do not guarantee that all our answers are correct or the most efficient. We are just volunteering our services to help those in need.

      VI) If possible, state which level you are at

      This helps to remind us how deep our explanations or complex our calculations should be in order to be within the scope of your syllabus. =D You do not want some funny theorem which solves your question, but will be rejected by your teacher.

      VII) Include your answers if you have them

      It will serve as a check for everyone who helps, and reduce the amount of "wrong teachings".

      Finally, if you are asking questions from an education level too high, be prepared to receive no answers. We are not that smart........... yet...

      Buying and selling of exam papers and books
      I have noticed some of you here want to buy or sell exam papers over at this forum. I have decided that all buying and selling should go to marketplace forum instead. Any enquries on buying of exam papers or books will be deleted or directed to marketplace forum instead.

       No advertising of tuition services or sales of anything else other than in the advertisment thread.


    • Welcome to Homework Forum. I hope every new user will read this before posting.

      The most important thing to understand is that this is a not an alternative to professional teaching or tuition. We do not provided any extra materials or notes (unlike tuition centres or schools). If you do require someone to supervise you in your studies, please look up the newspaper. =D

      Otherwise, feel free to use this forum to clear all of your doubts regarding your schoolwork.

      For suggestions on how to make this a better and more efficient place, feel free to give your suggestions to any of the moderators.

      Good luck in your school studies.

      [adapted from Aunt Agony Guidelines]

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