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Writing HIS/SS reliability essay

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    • Source A

      "Summer Hill is not a good moderator. She's a dictator. I can't start a proper thread in this forum anymore!"

      -Written by IHateSGForum

      Is source A reliable? 

      1) Check the provenance.

      -Who wrote the source? Is there a purpose in writing of the source? (If so, it can be bias and unreliable)

      Is this source trying the influence the reader? (Audience's reaction)

      Purpose of the source above: Eat at KFC(Audience's reaction)

      Who(the audience)? What(aim and message)?

      *There's always a purpose


      2) Facts Vs Opinions.


      • Facts- A truth that can be proven or check 


      etc: The sun is a star.


      • Opinions


      etc: Iphone is over-rated.

      Supported by facts=More reliable

      If source only have opinions, does it show one or both perspective?

      One side= Bias

      Both sides=Balanced and fair source

      3) Cross reference

      Source B

      "I think Summer Hill is the best moderator ever. She keeps the criminals and trolls out to makes the forum a safe enviornment for me to interact in."

      -A member of SGF

      Support or refut? 

      If source refute= Unreliable

      Source support= Reliable

      -Then, you need to decide if it's reliable or unreliable, then quote your evidence and explain why.

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