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O level student Happychoy seeks advice on his O levels

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    • As a new SgForums user, Happychoy is unable to start a new thread. So I'll help him start his own thread. Anyone with advice for him, please advise him.

      Happychoy posted :

      Hi, uh i need help w like O levels stuff and i'm not even sure if i'm typing this at the correct place cause i have NO idea how to use sgForums lmao sorry. But like my Os is in 24 days and i'm really scared. I'm in an """elite""" school and i feel that there's a lot of pressure from family and friends and myself to do well but my prelims was really shitty. I take 8 subjects (Eng, EM, AM, Chi, Pure geog, half lit/ss, pure bio and pure chem). 

      my results are

      Eng B3, aiming at least A2

      EM A2, got complacent but should be able to get A1

      AM F9, but have been doing a lot of TYS since prelims

      Geog B4, aiming A1 and usually one of the top in class

      lit/ss , A2 (SS got 90 but lit 52 so pulled down a lot)

      Chem E8 quite jialat but have beem doing a lot of tys 

      bio b3

      so total i got 19 but was like better than class average of 26. I was wondering if it's possible to get 10 and i hope you can give me tips ect. Thanks


    • Happychoy, as a Chemistry specialist, I (UltimaOnline) can only say : if you've any Chem questions, feel free to post here, and I'll help you out with them.

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    • Thank you UltimaOnline for willing to help happychoy.

      For happychoy, just need to work on chemistry and A math. Note that prelims for elite schools are usually tougher than O levels, so he should be all right for Cambridge exams. Do lots of TYS and can go to www.xtremepapers.com for international cambridge papers.

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    • cant tell by seeing your results only

      need to know how u have been performing since year 3

      and also what kind of qns u get wrong




      btw, which "elite" sch?

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    • MOST prelim are set extremely difficult and being marked absurdly stringent, thus most student will get rather poor results.

      This is aimed at giving the students a final wake up call.


      Btw, for an "elite" school, you are taking awfully very little subjects.........


      That said, you really need to work on your aMaths and Chem. Particulary aMaths. I have not heard of cases where the aMaths and eMaths results differ so widely apart from each other.

      If I were to guess, I believe your aMaths problem lies not in the lack of practice but rather, you do not understand the concepts behind it.

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    • I agree. The EM and AM results differ a little too widely. 

      You mentioned been doing TYS since after prelims. How are you doing for the TYS?

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    • i've always tot AM is easier than EM icon_lol.gif

    • btw, new users can create thread after participating (posting) in other threads

      not just random replies to hit the quota but hopefully, real contributions to the discussion 

      this is what a forum is abt 

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    • Originally posted by FireIce:

      i've always tot AM is easier than EM icon_lol.gif

      Actually if u understand the concept, it's just application.

      By doing lots of practice of different questions (scenarios), especially from the TYS, you should be able to identify the question at a glance and apply accordingly.


      However, nowadays students have shifted (no idea if it's the teaching), that they memorize the TYS questions and memorize the solution. Which is completely not the point. Thus they lack understanding of the concept but know what to use when faced with the question.

      This could be a reason why the aMaths is so poor.


      Just another side note, lucky TS does not take physics. Judging from the score, his physics will probably not score well.

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    • When i did my Literature, I was told to use the PEE approach.
      Point, Evidence, Explanation + Link back to question.


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