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Regarding Red-eared Terrapin

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    • Good morning to all,

      Is it rite for mi to post tis topic in tis forum? do correct mi if im wrong, thk u..


      I have an issue here.

      Currently 1 of my Red-eared Terrapin just keep closing its eyes & slp throughout the whole day and its ardy for weeks.

      Is tat considered normal?

      And I seldom see it eats any food tat i give.

      But it is still active when i hold it up during wash-up.


      Any experts' advises on this? thk u v.much inadvance.

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    • Originally posted by sbst275:


      if it's sleeping for long hrs, it's sick alrdy

      bring it to the vet immediately

      erm, earlier my other Terrapin is also having e same symptom.

      but after afew days, its back to normal.

      so i tot it was "hibernating" or so(i noe tis may sound stupid, haha).

      therefore i tot tis "symptom" will also apply to my current Terrapin too.


      oh ya, i did expose e tank to sunlight, air & daily changing of water too.

      so its cfm tat its sick?

      any visual looks on it tat i can double check?

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    • do you keep it in an air con room? that's a no-no. 

      they might be cold, if they are then they'll become sluggish and find it hard to fight off infection and the like, also their food might be lacking some vitamins... try to feel them a balanced diet and keep the water clean.

      give them a rock to bask on and a reptile lamp if you can... if not the sun is a good alternative.

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    • I'm almost certain there is something wrong with its living conditions. Sunlight, clean water, mold or fungus, waste etc.

      If you are not confident of taking care of it, you can release it in a pond. Terrapins are extremely hardy, it will almost surely survive and recover in the wild. But if you plan to buy a new one, you should just keep this one instead.

      Singapore is already infested by terrapins so it doesn't do ecological damage.

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    • How are your terrapins doing?

      Yes,you should ensure that the water is kept clean at all times, and theres a dry basking area for them.

      Are you feeding them only commercial food pallets? You should also provide them with supplements such as turtle conditioner(calcium block) from Nutrafin and multivitamins. For your terrapins suffering from swollen eyes, you may try Hobo brand eyes cleaner.Also, keep your water warm and dechlorinated.(with anti-chlorine)



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