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**The Dunno When Can Reach Another 80 Pages Crapbox**

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    • this week seemed to have passed incredibly fast. either that or i've been so busy. but weekends are always welcomed!

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    • The thread has already past 80 pages.

      Why no celebration or speech by the president of Miss Tiny Club de ?

      Singing "why, why tell me why" shade.png


    • Originally posted by littlemissbonkers:

      lol thx ah

      and ish not confidence....I've just made a deal with the devil to exchange my health for the grades


      u made a deal with the devil in exchange for health for better grades ?

      Why will the devil want a person health for ?

      Study with a proper plan and monitoring your progress with the plan and modify the plan if necessarily.

      Mustn't have the belief that merely mugging every minutes of the days will mean u will get better grades, it is more likely that your health suffers and yet the grades do not improve.

      Must have a proper study plan, and read, summarize, identify patterns, recap and revise to get good grades which u might be surprised that you needn't have to keep mugging every minutes of the days and instead you can still have time for relaxation, excerises and yet study well to get th good grades. 


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