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Lock Protesters slam Kimmel over 'kill everyone in China' Joke Ee Hoe Hean Club 2 1,820 11 Nov `13, 8:21PM by Ee Hoe Hean Club view
Lock Some Government websites down due to 'planned maintenance' FireIce 3 2,370 08 Nov `13, 11:00PM by charlize view
Lock 2 chandeliers fell off at Carousel FireIce 1 2,450 01 Nov `13, 6:35PM by FireIce view
Lock How the Swedes deal with football hooligans BadzMaro 4 2,310 28 Oct `13, 8:26PM by charlize view
Lock Students fake ADHD symptoms to get "brain booster" drug Seowlah 3 2,670 23 Oct `13, 11:46AM by M the name view
Lock The real motivations of the clique behind the U.S. shutdown Ee Hoe Hean Club 7 2,980 23 Oct `13, 10:11AM by M the name view
Lock China zoo under fire for disguising dog as lion Ee Hoe Hean Club 7 4,460 17 Oct `13, 6:33AM by charlize view
Lock Telcos, bank services affected by fire at SingTel facility FireIce 13 3,700 16 Oct `13, 7:52PM by charlize view
Lock Scaffolding collapses at Braddell Road worksite FireIce 2 2,170 02 Oct `13, 3:05PM by FireIce view
Lock Crane Collapse At National Art Gallery Site FireIce 3 2,610 02 Oct `13, 1:16PM by FireIce view
Lock Real life "Papa smurf" dies Ee Hoe Hean Club 0 5,740 26 Sep `13, 8:37PM by Ee Hoe Hean Club view
Lock Lucy Adams has killed off the HR profession once and for all BadzMaro 2 3,500 15 Sep `13, 10:45AM by charlize view
Lock NSA masqueraded as Google to spy on web users - report Ee Hoe Hean Club 0 1,950 13 Sep `13, 8:39PM by Ee Hoe Hean Club view
Lock Of Dads and Gonads:Smaller Testies Linked with Caring Father BadzMaro 0 2,320 13 Sep `13, 4:15PM by BadzMaro view
Lock NSA war room modelled after Star Trek BadzMaro 3 2,200 13 Sep `13, 9:08AM by ^Acid^ aka s|aO^eH~ view
Lock THE HACKER OF SUN HO'S WEBSITE EXPLAINS WHY HE DID IT Smarttech.888 2 1,970 05 Sep `13, 12:20PM by FireIce view
Lock Pastor sues club after suspension M the name 6 2,590 02 Sep `13, 8:02PM by laurence82 view
Lock China Woman jailed in sham marriage Deacon Blue 4 2,840 29 Aug `13, 9:38PM by charlize view
Lock Russia's anti-Gay law ahtansh 2 2,100 29 Aug `13, 11:21AM by ^Acid^ aka s|aO^eH~ view
Lock NSA leaker: U.S. has been hacking HK and China for years Dalforce 1941 8 3,080 28 Aug `13, 9:46PM by charlize view
Lock Gang rape of photojournalist shocks Mumbai SJS6638 2 2,160 28 Aug `13, 9:22PM by Sujitsood view
Lock Teacher pleads guilty to having sex with student QX179R 24 16,210 27 Aug `13, 10:00PM by Craptalkone view
Lock 2500 healthcare support staff gets 10% pay increase Gingertay 4 2,730 27 Aug `13, 10:00PM by Craptalkone view
Lock Keep Singapore a land of opportunity, inclusiveness: PM Lee SJS6638 17 2,990 25 Aug `13, 8:47PM by charlize view
Lock Jet-setting Buddhist monk at centre of scandal BadzMaro 0 1,740 24 Aug `13, 11:29AM by BadzMaro view
Lock Far right crackpot Alex Jones makes a fool of himself on TV Dalforce 1941 2 2,560 17 Aug `13, 8:02PM by Ee Hoe Hean Club view
Lock Harry Lee Kuan Yew says he wants a quick death Dalforce 1941 5 3,770 06 Aug `13, 10:11PM by Dalforce 1941 view
Lock 'No turning back' in reducing foreign worker numbers: Khaw SJS6638 21 4,120 05 Aug `13, 8:53PM by charlize view
Lock Riot after Chinese teachers try to stop pupils cheating. BadzMaro 17 3,720 04 Aug `13, 10:31AM by charlize view
Lock Commuters save Japan woman stuck in platform gap FireIce 11 2,420 03 Aug `13, 11:31PM by SBS 6078 M view