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    • Originally posted by bowah:

      Same to all other jobs, everything is up and down, without the downtime (OBK), how can you determine the uptime(huat time), the economy call it Booming and Recession, the stock market call it bull and bear run, the working people call it Bonus and no bonus time, the workers call it got OT and no OT time.

      TD call it OBK and Huat time. Just hang on there, now is the seeding time, if you got plan and other private matter to settle like going holiday, taking a rest or doing a long overdue medical checkup or appointment, it is good to do it now, rehabilate and rejuvenate yourself well, makes more friends and buddies, be with family more often and so on.

      And when the Huat time arrive...chiong AH!!

      yup correct juz gotta live thru these 2 mths after that HUAT~~~ lor~~~~~   biggrin.png

      im hoping my car can go in overhaul engine for 2 weeks then i go back

      motherland n relax..............

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