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Speed Camera @ Upper Thomson Towards Lornie.

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    • Last sat I was heading back home from bugis. Took the wrong route and end up at kje. Road was clear so i try a bit of luck there with the car at ard 3am plus. Heard there is TP hideout area but on that day got Thaipusam event also. Now thinking whether get caught or not. Sian. 

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    • As for this speed camera , i really dun think the Speed Camera will activate if it is on Green Light .

      It will only activate on RED lights if u tried to beat the red light ! 

      They will put you to 2 charges .

      One for beating the traffic light and another for speeding .

      12pts +12pts  , bye bye .

      because i have a certain formula , traditional successful formula to beat red light , if such antic is used , then more accidents will occurs there .

      because the momentum had changed for most drivers !!

    • It is very normal for me to accelerate after the last second arrow .

      Before a junction , there will be 3 arrows .

      last third i will slow down , foot on brake , step brake if light turned amber , by full stop line , my car will stop , 100% will stop in time !!!! 

      If last second light still on Green , i will accelerate gradually , safe , 100% safe . Gurantee above 60km/hr .

      But below 80km/hr . 

    • I strongly believe that Speed Camera is a dummy ..... take no chances though .


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    • ...

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    • Since 2012 ame type of camera was installed in No of USA and Europe city 

      Here is some news about it:

      New red light cameras being installed in Toledo

      The city is putting up nearly a dozen new red light and speed cameras at intersections across Toledo.

      Eleven cameras are going up at six intersections. They're all expected to be in operation within the next two weeks.

      The new ones will bring the total number of red light cameras in Toledo to 44.

      Construction crews for Redflex, the red light camera company, are in the process of installing the cameras in Toledo.

      "Some of them will be red light only, some will be speed only, some will be a combination," says Sgt. Joe Heffernan with the Toledo Police Department.

      The locations include Reynolds and Bancroft, Secor and Alexis, Alexis and Whitmer, Collingwood and Dorr, the Trail between the Zoo and South, and Cherry and Delaware.

      "Once people know that the cameras are up at those locations, they tend to slow down and drive a little more safely and that's really what this is all about," says Heffernan.

      Some drivers complain it's a money grab by the city.

      Red light camera tickets have generated millions for the city since they started going up ten years ago.

      In 2010, the city collected approximately $788,000 from red light camera tickets.

      In 2011, the city collected more than one million dollars. Already in 2012, the city has collected approximately $348,000.

      "To those people who say it's just about the money, all I've got to tell them is you just need to slow down, drive the speed limit, not run red lights and you don't have to worry about paying any tickets," says Heffernan.

      Toledo City Council is expected to vote Tuesday on the new proposed contract with Redflex. There has been no debate so it is essentially a formality. The contract includes giving the city 75 percent share from fines. That's an increase from years past.

    • [联合晚报]驾车者违例闯红灯越闯越猛,交警出新电眼,更快取缔违例者!






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    • I think I kenna the 1 at Victoria St.went thru n saw 2 flashes but light was green. Travelling ard 80km can get summon or they r juz testing? any advise?

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