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[News] H7N9 could hit taxi in Singapore

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  • Deacon Blue's Avatar
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    • its all birdieland and those birdie people so dirty their fault!


      i am worry aboutour zoo and birdie parks.

      if any birdie people already infected or are mmute carriers visit our birdie park when they arrive at our airpork the the virus may just stik to our birdie park birdies and pass on to our natonalities and also our own people.

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  • bowah's Avatar
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    • In term of virus transmission, the vector of transmission is wide in its array, and those virologist are not concern about the transmission, they are more concern about the behavorial of the virus and its origin, once they get origin (root), the virus will end or die, but because virus is a living organism, it wanted a share of the sphere in this world as all living thing does except human, less and less birthrates.

      So, to prevent being identify and capture by virologist, it mutate to survive, and that why you get H1N2, or H7N9 all kinds of new mutation to mislead other living organism like human or bird inorder to survive.

      There is no way to prevent virus mutation and transmission, we can only slowing it down and tame it for a period of time, time and time again, virus mutate, set up their army and start to invade again, from human to bird to pig or whatever living thing that they can take as host.

      For bird or pigs, human can just destroy it all and that may end the virus dying together with the host, but for human, you cannot even kill a person having it.

      It is good to know and acknowledge virus present and booming period, but as global entity in today world, you can hardly said this safe and that is safe, and nobody knows who is going to hit first, and if we worry to much, then the best safest way is to stay at home in a cocoon of your room.

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