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SDA not contesting in Radin Mas & Sengkang West

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    • SINGAPORE: The Singapore Democratic Alliance (SDA) will not contest the single wards of Radin Mas and Sengkang West.

      The party's Secretary General Desmond Lim confirmed this as he introduced his team's line-up for Pasir Ris Punggol GRC on Monday night.

      The party also officially unveiled its manifesto.

      The six-member SDA team will contest Pasir Ris Punggol GRC, currently helmed by Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean.

      The SDA team includes three new candidates - 54-year-old Sidney Soon who is self-employed, 65-year-old Patrick Lee - an image consultant, and 39-year old motivational trainer Haminder Pal Singh.

      They will be joined by three others recently introduced - Goh Kim Seng, Tony Tan and Mohd Shafni.

      The party is focusing on issues like the increased cost of living and affordability of HDB flats in its manifesto - "A Heart For The People - Singaporeans First".

      The SDA says the manifesto is for the middle income Singaporeans. The party says while the country has done well under the PAP in past years, there has been some social costs, like the increasing gap between the haves and the have-nots.

      It is proposing for salaries of the lower- and middle-income groups to be raised by 20 percent, with the public sector taking the lead.

      It also wants a scheme where neighbourhood merchants can buy daily necessities in bulk, so that Singaporeans can benefit from costs savings.

      Haminder Pal Singh said: "Number one, the merchants have more business from people living in that area. Number two, residents themselves, they have someone to go back to and earn extra benefits and most importantly, number three, costs will go down as we get savings going up."

      The SDA also wants to boost the financial literacy of Singaporeans.

      The party is also asking for transparency in the demand and supply data of HDB flats, and for young couples to be able to rent their flats for the first five years.

      The total sum paid to date should then be considered when the couples are ready to purchase the flat.

      Goh Kim Seng said: "Those who have been living it up, or even splurge on a car, may not have enough despite the CPF contributions to put down deposit for their first home."

      Separately, some SDA members, including Assistant Secretary-General Nazem Suki expressed disappointment at not being able to contest in Tanjong Pagar GRC.

      In a statement, the team cited shortage of funds as one reason.

      SDA says it is unaware of such a statement.

      Abdul Mutalib, Second Vice President of Singapore Malay National Organisation, said: "The press release was made on an individual capacity, it was not a press release made under PKMS, neither SDA platform."

      The party said the matter will be settled internally.

      - CNA/de

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    • Originally posted by Junyang700:

      Now Palmer has something to worry about. No 3 corner fights spells trouble.

      3 corner fights are stupid.

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