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Election Strategy

Talk about election strategy, discuss, debate, but try your best not to flame....
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Lock To the Men-in-White (Heroes in the 60s) Followthefacts 2 4,515 06 May `11, 2:23PM by Vote PAP OUT to Save SG view
Lock A lighter side... likeyou 4 1,962 06 May `11, 8:29AM by likeyou view
Lock Why MBT in Youtube cannot post comment? Tks928 4 1,959 06 May `11, 8:17AM by likeyou view
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Lock Students and parents welcome competition Keen on u2000 12 3,041 05 May `11, 11:11PM by Keen on u2000 view
Lock Rally Schedule & Discussion last FireIce 116 19,104 05 May `11, 10:27PM by Vote PAP OUT to Save SG view
Lock Ministers are suppose 2 be our servants,yet they're masters! Rednano 4 2,028 05 May `11, 9:35PM by Medicated Oil view
Lock Voters tricked by PAP propaganda wake up to real Dr Chee Vote PAP OUT to Save SG 3 2,167 05 May `11, 8:03PM by the Bear view
Lock How to give Opposition one-third representation in parliamen last Thethinker6 28 5,706 05 May `11, 5:57PM by 4sg view
Lock Are Civil Service/Stats Boards public officers scare 2 vote? Rednano 7 2,723 05 May `11, 5:16PM by Plastic Bag view
Lock Opposition taps anti-immigrant sentiment in Singapore last Junyang700 33 7,862 05 May `11, 3:18PM by iveco view
Lock Lee Kuan Yew tells Chen Show Mao to go back to China last Vote PAP OUT to Save SG 77 21,713 05 May `11, 2:59PM by iveco view
Lock The Late SG President - Mr Ong Teng Cheong's Query of GIC/TH Rednano 4 11,976 05 May `11, 12:34PM by Vote PAP OUT to Save SG view
Lock A letter to the PAP g00droger 2 1,928 05 May `11, 12:10PM by Contactdesmond view
Lock PAP Lui called police! last shanfan 37 6,175 05 May `11, 11:39AM by Rock^Star view
Lock 'Not end of the world if PAP loses Aljunied GRC': MM Lee last SevenEleven 52 7,319 05 May `11, 10:38AM by 4sg view
Lock Are Veteran Opposition Candidates (in the 60s)Outdated? SevenEleven 2 1,567 05 May `11, 10:29AM by ^Acid^ aka s|aO^eH~ view
Lock My letter to WP, NSP, SPP, SDA, SDP, Reform Bhw33 10 4,304 05 May `11, 9:19AM by Plastic Bag view
Lock How do u ensure that votes are not rigged? Creature X 4 1,780 05 May `11, 8:46AM by Creature X view
Lock Bros and Sis Please help spread DEMOCRACY Snisneves 2 1,910 05 May `11, 2:28AM by Snisneves view
Lock Your VOTE is SECRET. DOUBLE CONFIRMED! last Snisneves 26 5,138 05 May `11, 1:43AM by mancha view
Lock The real issues and the non-issues chocobean 7 2,388 05 May `11, 12:58AM by chocobean view
Lock SDP Candidates are suberb Bhw33 0 1,425 05 May `11, 12:07AM by Bhw33 view
Lock Merchandise prices? Darkness_hacker99 0 2,007 04 May `11, 6:15PM by Darkness_hacker99 view
Lock SDP take PAP to task for uncaring policies at first rally Vote PAP OUT to Save SG 2 3,430 04 May `11, 6:10PM by Vote PAP OUT to Save SG view
Lock PAP candidate for Aljunied urge Hougang TC to be transparent SevenEleven 21 5,225 04 May `11, 3:48PM by Nelstar view
Lock Repent, sinners, if thou shalt vote for the opposition Vote PAP OUT to Save SG 8 4,167 04 May `11, 10:50AM by Darkness_hacker99 view
Lock Singapore Currency Strong? Basic.politic 4 1,797 04 May `11, 1:21AM by Basic.politic view