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Election Strategy

Talk about election strategy, discuss, debate, but try your best not to flame....
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Lock Are new-registered forumers/bots come to discredit the Opps? Rednano 3 1,672 03 May `11, 5:47PM by Vote PAP OUT to Save SG view
Lock Dedicated to Chiam See Tong and all Singaporeans-Lin Shiyun curiousOrange 8 4,978 03 May `11, 5:28PM by charlize view
Lock Electoral Boundaries report for next GE released last Clivebenss 60 13,800 03 May `11, 4:23PM by Sgm40 vps view
Lock NO FEAR. They are just VOLUNTEER. Snisneves 5 2,603 03 May `11, 3:47PM by Snisneves view
Lock Mainstream Media Propaganda last Rock^Star 29 7,164 03 May `11, 12:15PM by Plastic Bag view
Lock I finally saw my PAP MP after like 20 years? last Darkness_hacker99 65 7,876 03 May `11, 10:09AM by Contactdesmond view
Lock "It's better to be feared, than to fear." - MM Lee in 1980s. Rednano 8 3,666 03 May `11, 9:57AM by Elite Hitman view
Lock Election: Candidates walkabout Straightstick 3 2,652 03 May `11, 7:36AM by ditzy view
Lock SDP Tan Jee Say and SM Goh have policies in common. fymk 0 3,270 03 May `11, 12:39AM by fymk view
Lock SDP's Tan: $10bn to aid manufacturing sector to shift out last sbst275 71 7,155 02 May `11, 10:43PM by Wild Ice view
Lock which maid to choose? alize 15 9,738 02 May `11, 7:24PM by alize view
Lock ‘Ordinary S’poreans are second choice to PAP’s Alvin Yeo’ Junyang700 0 2,712 02 May `11, 5:45PM by Junyang700 view
Lock vote is secret 韩飞官 0 1,653 02 May `11, 5:30PM by 韩飞官 view
Lock Join the new P&P party. We know whats best for you! Xenthar1 0 1,492 02 May `11, 4:52PM by Xenthar1 view
Lock TNP editor: We stand by our ’story’ SevenEleven 7 2,296 02 May `11, 4:47PM by Vote PAP OUT to Save SG view
Lock ROUND THREE : GE 2011 Snisneves 0 2,659 02 May `11, 4:39PM by Snisneves view
Lock Election: Nicole makes politics cool again shanfan 0 1,744 02 May `11, 4:38PM by shanfan view
Lock The Worker's Party Song - My tribute to them. Xenthar1 5 2,227 02 May `11, 2:50PM by Vote PAP OUT to Save SG view
Lock Is Aljunied the only hot seat? SevenEleven 4 1,796 02 May `11, 2:25PM by Vote PAP OUT to Save SG view
Lock Tan Jee Say did not make the cut: SM Goh SevenEleven 7 4,487 02 May `11, 2:17PM by Duraigoh view
Lock NSP chief's brother dies but campaign goes on Clivebenss 8 2,397 02 May `11, 2:03PM by iveco view
Lock LKY defend PAP's record on help S'pore cope with cost living shanfan 14 2,521 02 May `11, 1:57PM by βέτά view
Lock NSP unveils Jurong GRC, Radin Mas lineup Clivebenss 15 6,517 02 May `11, 1:21PM by troublemaker2005 view
Lock GE: Peg ministers’ pay to workers’ salaries, says Opposition Junyang700 0 1,733 02 May `11, 1:16PM by Junyang700 view
Lock Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again curiousOrange 3 2,472 01 May `11, 10:11PM by Vote PAP OUT to Save SG view
Lock NO ANG MO AT WORKER'S PARTY RALLIES last Bhw33 29 5,535 01 May `11, 2:59PM by troublemaker2005 view
Lock Mr Brown show: gee ahruh see (music video) shanfan 4 2,536 01 May `11, 1:53PM by troublemaker2005 view
Lock LHL,SG Longterm prospects depend on right policies & politic shanfan 2 1,405 01 May `11, 1:08PM by shanfan view
Lock Employers to increase employees' salary? Thethinker6 16 2,326 01 May `11, 11:58AM by Medicated Oil view