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Can citizens feel safe in Singapore?

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    • 27/2/12 TNP reports of a drunk man attacking an intellectually disabled cleaner and knock out all his front teeth! The incident happened so fast that other customers at the coffee shop couldn’t stop the drunken man in time, but they call the police. As the case was deemed to be “VOLUNTARILY CAUSING HURT,- A NON -SEIZABLE OFFENCE, the man was NOT arrested. ” The parties were advised to keep the peace and they acknowledged,” said the police spokesman. The disabled cleaners sister arrived on the scene and another customer aged 50+ was telling her what had happened.. By then the police had left.This poor uncle was pushed to the floor by the same drunkard who tried also to kick him. So the police was called again. Ridiculously the drunkard was NOT ARRESTED – the only way the family and the old man can seek legal recourse is throught the magistrates court after obtaining the necessary medical reports! Doesn’t that mean inconvenience, time and expense for the victims? What kind of ludricuous system is this? This ””non- seizable offence”’rubbish is absolutely ridiculous ! How can a man who use VIOLENCE not be detained and arrested by the police immediately? Does he need to kill a life before being arrested? This means one can kick punch and trample on anyone and still not be arrested? How can Singaporeans feels safe this way ? Considering this is a country with a fast ageing population. Is this the way we protect our old and aged too? Members of Parliament should take this up as a cause and have the damn ass of the law CHANGED!

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    • does it mean i can punch someone and that chap has to cough up money to hire lawyer to sue me?


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    • this is a country where systematic reports and thick piles of assessments must be vetted and approved by many departments (with Cc and Bcc) before the first action can begin....

      the aggrieved party would have been dead by then...but this is a reasonable and systematic failure come with risk compliance approach...

    • in other words, u need to fill up every type of forms before u can climb a ladder...

    • its not the citizens perhaps, but the authorities need to feel "safe" before taking any form of action...

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    • That's nice, now we know there's a loophole in the police system and I can beat up somebody I hate, and then chat with the police when they came, then after they left, I go beat up that guy again for saying bad things about me to the police, and then chat again with the police, and then beat up the guy again for saying bad things about me again to the police... LOL...

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    • The system really sucks! A population of ageing people. How can the old and vulnerable feel safe? It means you can get bullied and physically hurt and the police does nothing much to the aggressor, other than “advise” him to keep peace. Once someone uses violence on another, he should be arrested and locked up for at least 48 hours ( to let him sober up ), and two family gaurantors must come to bail him. The government must realise that they have a responsibility to protect the old and vulnerable, many of whom do not have the resources, time and ability to pursue a civil court case against such aggressors! And for those who do pursue civil actions, e.g those cases against foreigners who use violence, some of them manage to jump bail and escape! Absolutely ridiculous situation. Citizens will be asking themselves in the next elections -do I vote for a system that does not protect us EFFECTIVELY from such violence?

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    • It is all about numbers and figures, if police start to arrest them, it mean another police report which will contribute to the overall crime rate which reflect badly on the government. Not such did any of you guys get pickpocket before, if you have experience this in Singapore, you will notice that most case the police will try to get you to report lost instead of filing a police report for pickpocket (you will notice that it is a lost report instead of police report). Same reason here, it is all about numbers and figures, reporting lost is contributing to the crime rates.

      But this apply to normal people only, if you are someone important, the other party don’t even need to touch you, by threating you, the police will already take action.

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