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Chinese words in daily life

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    • 几家欢喜几家愁 - Can be used to describe a situation where some are happy while others not; can't please all. Lyrics of a folk song in the Southern Song dynasty but the phrase is still often used today.

      How do we say "horn another car" in mandarin? It may sound really unnatural to say this since we almost always say this in english but the proper term is "按车喇叭“。

      亮点 - the highlights / key words

      礼尚往来 - reciprocity of polite behaviour

      轻信 - easily believe

      打嗝 - to have hiccups

      殉职 - to die in the line of duty

      业余 - time or activities outside of work

       What about these words?

      勋章 - a commendation medal

      疏解 - to relieve. Eg: 疏解压力

      官方 - official (something). Eg: 官方发言, 官方网站

      余悸 - a lingering fear

      陆续 - continuously

      熏 - to be filled with smell. Eg: 这个榴莲味熏到整个屋子都是。

      迎合 - to adapt to

      捷径 - a short cut

      风度 - stylish and big hearted. Normally referring to a gentleman.

      坦然 - same as 坦白

      调侃 - to make fun of

      审美 - appreciation of the arts

      误差 - some error or difference

      颠覆 - to topple. Eg: 颠覆他的地位。




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    • Came across a few words in Chinese. How do we say the following:

      Blossom (like a flower)

      To settle down (feelings)

      Concrete (wall, pavement etc)

      Trying to be uncoventional

      An idiom for....trying to cover up will only make matters worse








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