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Super food to zap your weight

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    • Introduction:
      Imagine superfoods that would help you to zap weight, lower cholesterol, and reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer. Added bonus - there are no side effects due to their intake. Not surprisingly, you would rush to the market, buy sacks of them and stack it in your store room. To your surprise, superfood exists, that too, right at your local supermarket.

      Top superfoods:

      Given below are the superfoods that could help you to shed extra weight without giving up eating totally:

      •    Green tea: Although there are many health benefits of drinking green tea, one of its best benefits is it helps to maintain a slim body. Its natural weight-loss stimulant promotes a healthy heart, improves digestion and keeps sugar level on control which results in weight loss. Besides, green tea has high levels of antioxidants. Antioxidants scavenge for free radicals in the body cells, and reduce the damage caused by oxidation. Thus, the destructive process of oxidation which damages cell membranes and other structures including cellular proteins, lipids and DNA is kept in check. According to some research, five cups of green tea a day works like magic for weight loss.

      •    Nuts:  According to some researches, eating nuts is very beneficial for reducing weight, as it produces a chemical in the brain to control appetite. Although nuts contain calories, they are filled with monounsaturated fatty acids that cut the risk of developing diabetes or heart disease. Thus, inclusion of a few nuts like almonds in your salads, oatmeal would help you to keep away from gormandizing unhealthy foods, especially, junk food.

      •    Grapefruit:  As per a research, eating half a grapefruit prior to the meals could help in losing weight. Thus, grapefruit is also termed as a fat fighter. Also, grapefruit contains cancer fighting compounds such as liminoids and lycopene.

      •    Pumpkin: This vegetable is considered as one of the best foods for cutting weight quickly. A plain canned pumpkin is rich in fiber and offers a host of health benefits.

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    • green tea is everywhere and in everything

      including sanitary pads, dishwashing liquids........

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    • Originally posted by dangerboi:

      nuts are expensive and grapefruits taste wierd

      nuts are easy to get... just ask any man.

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