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Another Cheating Scam?

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    • I get sooo any of these.


      Why is something so obvious even here?


      No wonder scams are still profitable -_-"

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    • Just delete the message off and you will be safe.

      Nothing in this world is free or too good to be true.

      Wake up and be realistic in life.

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    • Of course that's a blasted scam.. And I'd ignore it if I were you (nah, reporting it to the police is too time-consuming for my liking..)angel.png

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    • to the coward to don;t dare to jio me at the mall. pretending not to see me and turn your head then purposely bump inot me and after walk past me at my back then dare to urse. hanabu cheebye, coward, next time come to my face and tell me youwant to jio me lah? why scared i call police arh. see your face know you got no education, hangout with your cheebye friends and draw conform taht you can be a clown in from of your friend only. in your lef once you reach home you are stil a nobody, drink cigerretes drugs and no life. a nuisance an d scumbag of the cociety, a burden to the country and people. next week i walk the same place agin make sure you come confront me like a man,

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