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Loanshark help.

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    • As said, if you cannot beat them, join them, become their runner and collect money for them, after about a year, your debt will be clear, and yet you also can learn and master loanshark skill and business

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    • Put a camera that detects montion and move along with the motion, if the "montion" stops, add a shutter sound(zooming sound)

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    • Originally posted by TehJarVu:

      mata lia ah pitbulls

      then can 顺便 liak the loanshark runners

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    • To the TS, I know how loan shark operation runs... rather than zone down to specifics, just to let you know never to pay them a single cent... every time they need a runner to do something to you, they need to pay the runner... which are costs to them...

      if enough people do not pay them, it becomes a money losing business and they will no longer come after you... however, it's the fear of people that provides the loansharks with money to continue operations...

      so just don't pay them, and let them spend their money getting runners... and their runners will also go to jail with a heavy sentence once caught... never be a runner yourself, don't be so stupid.

  • mancha's Avatar
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    • Originally posted by dragg:

      its only 6k.

      ask your parents to pay for you first.  then you return back slowly.

      take it as a lesson.  never ever be a guarantor.  its one of the silliest thing to do.


      The borrower gets the money and spend it.

      The guarantor gets the shit.

  • Queen of sgForums
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    • Originally posted by motoway:

      Now your house is a club icon_lol.gif

      i know u want me

      you know i want chew


      change to.........


      i know u want $$$

      you know i want $$$

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  • qwerty12344's Avatar
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    • yup going to get the dummy one of course..


      also..if i dont pay a single cent..they sure will do stuff to my house. thats what i want to avoid.

  • troublemaker2005's Avatar
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    • tellthem you will pay them fix a time and place. inform police. they come collect catch them. disable the collector hp immediately. detain collector for investigation but donl;t make any conatc with the loancharks. when the collector don't return they will call you again to ask for situation. just tell them you paid. they will sure send collector or runner or people to come investiagte. then catch them one by one. disable and oncifscate their hps. sure will ctach one prominent meber of the loanshark group. tortue and interrigate unitl his cock becum only 1ch, sure can evertually bust or cripple the loanshark organization.


      this is what the polcie should do and show the jobless nothing better to do pricks.

  • mancha's Avatar
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  • troublemaker2005's Avatar
    8,443 posts since Dec '05
    • this is the problem with singapore policing system. they wait until things happen then take action. they should take the war to these thugs first!. clone IC, take loan, meet the runners already. arrest them. press their pricks and balls until they confess the remainder gang. the pirates also. take a spy ship out disguise as trading ship. when the pirates come blow them to kingdom come. then the pirates will al scare to go to sea again icon_lol.gif

  • askandanswer's Avatar
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    • One thing qwerty12344, there is something you need to take note. So far in all the loanshark harassments, they only use runners to do the harassments. They don't dare to do it themselves. Neither do they dare to show themselves. And these runners themselves are only small timers, ie, people who owed them money and need them to clear the debts or people who want easy money. At the most they just draw on the walls of your HDB blocks. Perhaps what you need to beware of is that they may splash paint on your door. That is the worst they can do. They are not really that big an organisation. They are also afraid of the law. The most important thing for you to note is that ultimately, the law is still in charge. So, don't be afraid. I don't think they will dare to confront you in the streets and beat you up. They will surely be severely dealt with if they do this.

      Ultimately, what they wanted is to frightened you to pay up. Don't be afraid. They can't really do much. They are too small to do much damage.

      Good luck.

  • Jia Xun's Avatar
    22 posts since Jan '12
    • Well the loan shark still fears the police,and fear you for calling for them.

      Most probably they won't do anything now,better prep. up fast.

      Spy here spy there lor,with your neighbours help.

  • Sawako's Avatar
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    • wah lau, you guys dun give funny and unrealistic suggestions to TS. 

      Pls call the police especially you are actually sabo by  ur friend. Last year I rented a house without knowing that the houseowner 'run road' to hide from loan sharks so I was harassed by them. Then I called the police and quickly moved to a new place.


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