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    • Hello Everyone! 

      My name is Flora and I am a student from Ottawa, Canada. Our group project for IB Geography is to create an informercial for Singapore. We selected Singapore because we think it is a very awesome country with an interesting population structure. 

      If you have some free time, please help us to do this survey! Thank you very much!

      Population Survey:

      Some preliminary facts:

      Currently, Singapore’s life expectancy at birth is 82.0 years(source: SINGSTAT), which is relatively high.

      The percentage of literacy among residents aged 15 and over is 96.1 %.

      According to the World Bank, the total fertility rate in 2010 is 1.2 births per woman, lower than the world TFR of 2.5 in 2010.

      Survey’s targeting age groups: Singaporeans of 15 years and over

      1. Why do you think Singaporeans prefer smaller numbers of children?

      a) High Cost of Living

      b) Cultural reasons/ Traditions

      c) Fees relating to their studies( Night school, KUMON, language courses, and other miscellaneous expenses)

      d) Other (please specify!!)

      2. Do you think the government has done enough to encourage the increase of birth rate?

      a) Yes (Please list any relevant programs, benefits, etc)

      b) No (If not, what do you think should be done?)

      3. If you are in the working force, are you happy with your current income(as in is it sufficient for your living)?

      a) Yes

      b) No

      4. Rank the degree of gender equality from your personal experiences out of a scale of 5(5 being strong presence of gender equality):

      1                 2                3               4               5 

      5. Do you plan to marry? If so, what is your ideal age for marriage?(If you are already married, please select the age group in which you were married).

      a) 15-18

      b) 19-21

      c) 22-25

      d) 26-28

      e) 29-31

      f) 32-34

      g) 35 years or over

      e) No, I don’t plan to marry

      6. What is your racial group(or ancestry)?

      a) Indian

      b) Malay

      c) East Asian( Chinese, Japanese, Korean)

      d) Eurasian

      e) Caucasian

      7. Do you think health care is very expensive in Singapore? Is it affordable?

      a) Very expensive; cannot afford

      b) Expensive, but still affordable

      c) Cheap

      8. Where do you eat usually?

      a) Food courts

      b) Home(cook by myself)

      c) Restaurants


      9. What is your gender?

      a) Male

      b) Female

      10. Do you plan to migrate out of the country?
      a)Yes ( It would be nice if you can specify your reason)
      b) No

      11. Do you welcome immigrants in your country? If so, who should they ideally be?
      a) Yes ; they should be wealthy 
      b) Yes ; they should be well educated
      c) Yes ; only if they are the same race as me
      d) Yes ; ______________________(specify)
      e) No, I don't like immigrants

      --------------The End--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
      THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!谢谢! Please comment any extra opinions you have( In English/ Chinese). 
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