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How do you have sex with your partner?

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    • For me brotha, the first step is CFNM where she is still in her clothes brotha and me naked brotha. I use my hands to touch her everywhere, grope her delicious tities, butt, whole body brotha, then I use my solid steel to rub all over her body, her butt and smack it on her face brotha and I ask her to handjob me brotha until I cum onto her face or her sexy delicious body brotha After that brotha, I rest for a some times and next, we will have naked sex brotha where I took off her clothes and lets have some fun in the bed brotha

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    • Introducing the Sex Roulette

      A kinky situation generator  to spice up your nights!



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      Let me answer.


      There is no such position or style to be the best in sex play. It all depends on individual liking and comfort.


      The following 16 positions are extracted from my book about our swinging lifestyle with real stories about me with my girlfriends and my wife with her boyfriends and other encounters.


      I have practically done all the styles except POSITION 8 – mobile cunnilingus 69. This need a strong man to carry the girl to walk around. My wife experienced this. While she was carried naked upside down around by a strong man she sucked his stiff dick and the man used his tongue to lick and his mouth and nose to grind her wet cunt. This is usually done in sex party, the backyard garden or the balcony to let other to see.  When both get excited enough she will be laid on the table, bed or floor to be fucked till fully consummated.


      POSITION 1 – spread-eagle.


      The most popular style is usually called the spread-eagle or missionary style.  It is to make the girl lie on bed face up in the position when we are lying on the bed to sleep.  When both are getting hearted up the man can help to take off the girl’s clothing and his own and then carry on to have sex.  If both come into the room just for sex he can help to take off her clothing and make her lie on the bed.  The man will then climb into the bed to play with her.  You two may have all sorts of foreplay before the fucking.


      The method of intercourse can be in different ways.  In one style he may squat at her bottom, lift up her legs and thighs to screw and fuck her. Some girls do not mind how you handle their legs and thighs.  Some others do not want you to spread their thighs wide because they may feel embarrassed to have their cunts exposed to you thinking that the cunts are ugly. 


      In the second style the man may fall flat on her body to have his body pressing on hers to stimulate her sexy breasts, kisses her and talks sweet to her while having his dick dug deep into her cunt.  In this position the man can make full use of his dick to stir the inside of her vagina and at the same time rubbing hard on her clitoris.



      The style described above is best used on a virgin girl or a girl still not yet very experience in sex. 


      If she is experienced the man can turn her body around while the dick and cunt stuck together to make her lie on top of him with her two legs spread wide and her body falling flat on his body to continue the play. If she feels tired she can then sit upright on his dick to continue like a jockey riding a horse.  She then can take the initiative in all the motion of the intercourse. She can control the depth of the penetration of the dick.  She may also rub the wall of her vagina against the forehead of the dick until she has located her G point before she can continue to rub hard on it.


      POSITION 2 – stationary cunnilingus 69.


      The above ‘one on top of the other’ method can easily be turned to 69 style either with the girl on top or bottom.  In 69 the man can lick and suck her cunt and the girl can suck his dick. There is a lot of fun in it.


      It is not advisable to play in this style with a virgin girl or a girl you do not know before hand whether she likes man to lick or suck her cunt, or whether she enjoy the sucking of the dick of a man.  You should test her first.  If you have found that she does not mind you shaft your dick into her mouth and she does not mind that you lick and suck her cunt you can then adopt this style in the middle of the sex war game with her.


      POSITION 3 – border war.


      With a girl quite experienced in intercourse, the man can make some variations to it.  They two may lie on their sides face to face or face to back.  It is always easy for



      the man to lift her top leg up and put forward his top leg in between her two legs, adjust his position until his dick comes to meet her cunt.  Then he can start the fucking while kissing and playing on her breasts with his hands or mouth.  When tired they can change side to continue the game.


      POSITION 4 – pulling each other’s legs.


      A variation to the POSITION 3 is to play with one leg of each other extended to rest on each other’s face and the other leg on the back of each other’s head.  While engaging in sex play in the POSITION 3 it is always easier for the man with his top leg bent and extended in between her two legs to adjust his body by sitting up first without separating their sex organs. He pushes his bent leg in between her two legs to her back and extends it towards the back of her head. Then he moves his body around toward her feet and adjusts his other leg and extends it from her front toward her head until the foot reaches her face. By this time her leg on top of his originally bent leg will be in front of his body and the foot will be at his face. Her other leg will be at his back and the foot will be at the back of his head


      Now she will grab hold of his leg in front of her and he too will grab hold of her leg in front of him. They two may play with each other foot.  Some may like to lick the sole of the foot or suck the toes. He can then start to fuck her by sliding his dick in and out of her cunt. In this position as the dick is bent downward not erected in usual case the girl can get a different pressure of it in her cunt to give her a new feeling inside her cunt.



      Both of them can grab hold of each other leg and pull it to make deeper penetration of the dick. If you find that she is pulling the leg you know that she wants deeper penetration especially at the time her orgasm is waiting on the wing. Only in this position and those positions where the girl is riding on the top of the man she can control the thrusting of the dick by herself. In all other positions a hot girl will shout at him: “Fuck me harder. Fuck me harder!”


      POSITION 5 – hanging on the cliff.


      Let the girl lie on the table or in bed with her pussy just half hanging out of the edge of the table or bed.  Extra pillows may be needed to raise her pussy up to level with the height of the dick. It is also good for a virgin girl or one with little experience in intercourse. Here the man is standing on the floor. He can caress and stimulate every part of her body with hands or mouth. A virgin or a girl with little experience is bound to be very curious and excited to see how the dick of a man works on her. 


      Most virgins do not see dicks of adults before.  They will be especially curious when the dicks are getting so big and hard in front of them.  She may not know what the man will do with his big, long and hard dick on her and may choose to close her eyes and dare not look at it. The man can caress her pussy with his dick, rub the lips of her cunt and also rub her clitoris to give her the experience she never has before. 


      In this position she can see his dick clearly.  She can also see how he uses his dick to caress and stimulate her private parts to make her excited and to start to feel that something unusual has happening to her inside her cunt.  She will gradually not feel shy and yearn to have something hard like his dick to go in to stir it in order to stop the itchiness. At this time the man may jokingly asks her whether she is eager to have it now. While saying it he would plunge it right into her cunt to break her hymen.


      Another good point for this position is that the girl can see clearly how the plunger is moving in and out of her wet cunt.  She would enjoy watching it very much.


      POSITION 6 - swallowing the love tool.


      This is a style with the girl sitting on the man’s dick with her face facing the face of the man or with her back against the chest of the man while the man is sitting on a chair or in bed.   In the face-to-face style they can talk, caress and kiss.  With back-to-chest they can carry on the intercourse while watching TV or blue movies. They can make full use of their time and quite relaxing.


      POSITION 7 – pegged on dick.


      In this style the man can carry the girl to move around in the house to make some drink, do some simple cooking or go out to the balcony to have a look outsight while the intercourse is still on with the cunt tightly locked with the dick.  This could be easily done when they both are doing the style mentioned above in POSITION 6 with both on the chair while the girl is sitting on his dick face to face with him.


      The girl just hangs herself with her hands on his neck at the top, with her cunt pegged onto the dick-peg at the bottom and with her legs wrapping around his waist.  If she is small in size and light or the man has a strong long and big dick, she could easily support herself without the help of the man.  Otherwise the man may help to support her body weight with his hands at her bottom. If you two are exhibitive you may carry her out into the garden or balcony to let someone else see you



      POSITION 8 – mobile cunnilingus 69.


      This is a position with the man standing on the floor and the girl hanging upside down.  The man can carry her around the house or anywhere while licking and sucking her cunt while she sucks on his dick. This needs a man strong enough to lift up and carry the girl.  It is more difficult than that mentioned in position 7. It can easily be done when the man is lying on bed with his legs on the floor.  The girl then rides on top of him to perform the 69 style.  Both of them will then grab each other’s waist tightly before the man stands up on the floor. He can stand still or walk around to play with her. If you two are exhibitive you may carry her and walk out into the garden or balcony to let someone else see it.


      POSITION 9 – fucking standing.


      This is a standing style.  The man will lift up one of her legs, press her against the wall and fuck her.  You can do this as a change of style in the living room and bedroom. It is quite commonly done in the shower room while showering or after shower.  After the dick has penetrated into the cunt the man can carry her to bed with her hands wrapping around his neck and her cunt hanging on his dick like POSITION 7.


      POSITION 10 – doggy style.


      In this position the girl starts with squatting and then bends forward by using her hands to support her upper part of the body on bed or on floor.  She then raises her bottom high up.  


      She may also starts with standing on the floor near the bedside or tableside, and then bends forward with her hands on the edge of the bed or table to support her upper part of the body.  She then raises her bottom as high as possible.  In either style her cunt will protrude and be visible from the back.


      The man will then plunge his dick into her cunt to do the doggy style.  This may not suit all the girls especially Asian girls normally born with their cunts facing forward of their bodies unlike the Western girls with their cunts normally facing downward.  Girl born with cunt facing downward will have her cunt facing backward in this position and the man can easily shaft his dick into her cunt horizontally and fuck her in the doggy style. A girl with her cunt facing forward will have her cunt facing downward in this position to make insertion difficult and fucking in doggy style not so comfortable. 


      POSITION 11 – driving vertical shaft.


      This is a style where the man will poke his dick from the top into the cunt and fuck her standing with his dick sliding up and down.  This is good for a strong and tall man who can lift the girl up by her two legs underneath him. Then he can either by plunging his dick up and down of her cunt from the top or by lifting her bottom up and down by her two legs to fit his dick in and out of her cunt. 


      Anyhow any man and girl can always be able to play in this style by starting with the proper position.  What we have to do is to let the girl lie on the sofa with a high pan on its sides.  Make her bottom lie on top of the pan. 


      The man may then stand on the floor with one foot and rest the other on the sofa in between her two legs.  Open up her legs wide and then shaft the dick into her cunt from the top.  He can then move up and down to make the dick slide up and down along the vagina of her cunt. 


      You can have a glass of port wine or other ready beside you.  To make it more stimulating, you pour some port wine into her cunt and then plunge your dick deep into it. You may pull out your dick and use your mouth to suck her cunt to taste the wine inside it. It will be very wonderful.


      POSITION 12 – pushing a cart.


      This will be just a game.  You two will get tired very soon.  What you do is to ask the girl stand on the floor with both hands and legs like a dog with four legs.  You then lift her two legs up and fuck her from the back while her two hands are still on the floor supporting her upper part of the body.  Then she will use her two hands to walk around while you are fucking her by holding her two legs and walk along with her where she wants to go.  If you two are exhibitive you may walk her out into the garden or balcony to let someone else see it.


      POSITION 13 – crossed chop-sticks.


      In any position where the girl is on the top of the man she can make a 360 degree body turn while sitting on the dick or lying flat facing down with her cunt fixed to the dick.  If the man has a long dick can also sit on her or lie flat facing down with his dick stuck deep into her cunt to make the turn. The pressure exerted by the dick in her vagina will vary from time to time to give her a new sensation.  This is more significant when the man has a bent or crooked penis because as she makes and 360 degree turn she will find that the penis will exert extra and great pressure on the wall of her vagina all around to give her more enjoyable sensation inside her cunt.



      POSITION 14 -  lotus style.


      Many men and girls like this position very much because both the man and the girl are seating upright without having the other weight pressing on the body of the other though the man has to support the weight of the girl on his two thighs. It is done by having the man sitting with his two legs bent and with one crossed and put on top of the other like a sitting Buddha, The girl will then sit on his crossed legs as close as possible to his bottom to let his dick poked right deep into her cunt and with her two legs wrapped at the back of his buttock.


      The advantage to both parties is that they two can look at each other talking, kissing and observing the reaction to the excitement of the intercourse on their faces. It is also more exciting for the man as he can also have a full view of her sexy breasts while he is licking, sucking, caressing and fondling them especially they are of a newly met girl which he never has any chance to manipulate them before.  It is also exciting for the girl because she can use her weight and her two legs to control her movement and the motion of the dick in her cunt.


      The disadvantage of this position is that it may not be suitable for a couple with the man having shorter dick and the girl born with her cunt high up away from her bottom.



      POSITION 15 – wild games.


      Fucking in cars and in parks is dictated by the type and size of cars and the facilities available in the parks. What you have to do is to get the proper dress for you and your girl.  The dresses should be simple enough to avoid the trouble of undressing and dressing up.  The man should wear such a trouser to be easy to take out the dick and the girl should try not to wear bras and underwear.  If climate permits it is advisable to wear skirt so that she no need to undress at all.  With skirt and no underwear the girl can even get fuck in the park by sitting on the dick covered up with the skirt.  Passers-by can hardly see what she is doing there. 


      If both the sex partners are as good as many Africans living in the bushes in climbing trees, they can do all sorts of styles in intercourse up in a tree. It could be fun and exciting but it is advisable to do it on low branches and with branches to lean on and to hold with hands to stabilize the bodies.


      POSITION 16acrobatic show.


      This position with styles only suitable by those who are good at acrobats or at least have some acrobatic training.

      If the couple are both skilful in acrobat they will enjoy many styles in which ordinary people cannot achieve. If either of them is good at it anyone who plays with them will enjoy more than others. It would be a lucky husband who happens to marry such an acrobatic wife. Between them he will have extra enjoyments than other husbands have.



      Body. She can bend her body in many form to let a man to fuck her in various positions which are difficult for ordinary girls to achieve. She can bend backward with her feet and hands on the floor until her cunt comes to the top like a table top.  The man can just lick and suck it with extra excitement or he can spread some cream on top of it and clean it up with his mouth or play in many other exciting ways imaginable. 



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    • is it possible that men cant ejaculate during blow job when he already had sex an hour plus ago?

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      is it possible that men cant ejaculate during blow job when he already had sex an hour plus ago?

      It depends on individuals.  Some's dicks will get hard again to have intercourse a short time after ejaculation. Some may take longer time. If your dick gets hard by itself or by the sucking of your partner ejaculation could be enhanced as the result of excitement either by actual intercourse of sucking.

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    • Originally posted by Mild taste:

      is it possible that men cant ejaculate during blow job when he already had sex an hour plus ago?

      It is very normal... It is also normal i even not to be able to ejaculate under BJ at all

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    • Originally posted by Eelvw:


      is it possible that men cant ejaculate during blow job when he already had sex an hour plus ago?

      It depends on individuals.  Some's dicks will get hard again to have intercourse a short time after ejaculation. Some may take longer time. If your dick gets hard by itself or by the sucking of your partner ejaculation could be enhanced as the result of excitement either by actual intercourse of sucking.

      if this idiot can, why can't I brotha?:

      I did it with countless of girls brotha and paid them billions of dollars and those cute sweet girls enjoy my stain on their face brotha and this is the face they always made brotha after I cum on their sweet looking face brotha:

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